Saturday, July 26, 2014

Angoro Lu Itegelikina

Two weeks ago I had the class choose a name for their co-operative.  During the planning stage of this project, I called it Pallisa Artistans Co-op, called PAC.  But once I began working with these wonderful women, I realized that they were strong and capable and they needed a name to reflect who they are, not who I think they should be.

After some lively debate, they settled on Angoro Lu Itegelikina, which is Ateso for Women of Substance.  There couldn’t be a more perfect description of this group.

They also selected officers for the group.  I told them they needed to elect a President and a Treasurer and I explained the skills each of them needed.  I left the room because I didn’t want my face or my body language to influence in any way who they chose for these important jobs. 

When I came back, these were the results of their election:

President:      Ann Loyce Okurut
Vice-Pres:       Irene Agadi
Secretary:       Teddy Amongin
Treasurer:      Christine Acam
Time Manager:          Ann Apadet
Food Manager:          Christine Acam
Entertainment:          Agnes Asio (#1), Agnes Amulen (#3) (assistant)
Games & Sports:        Agnes Abia (#2)
Health:                        Teddy Guto
Pastors:          Florence Amangat, Beatrice Kavunani

Here’s a recent picture of the group, minus Agnes Amulen and Agnes Abia, who went home for the weekend.